Factors You Need to Check Before Getting a Serviced Office Space

Getting your own business space can drain the life out of you, especially on the financial aspect.  The cost of having your own business space might put your business at risk, especially if you don’t have enough capital to keep your business afloat. So instead of buying a space, renting one might be ideal for you.

And the good news is, there are a lot of space providers who are leasing their space to accommodate all types of business owners – from high-profile executives to budding entrepreneurs. And there are serviced offices for rent in Dubai that caters to all types of business owners and corporate big wigs. So if you are planning on renting out one, be sure to check on these items first:

  1. Flexible Terms

Traditional office space owners are requiring their tenants to lease for at least a year with lots of conditions. Budding business owners might not be able to afford this kind of set up due to lack of find. But with serviced offices, space owners are more lenient when it comes to lease duration. You can rent as short as three months. Check out with the leasers

  1. Complete Facilities

Serviced offices offers state-of-the-art facilities and amenities to serve their tenants better. Be sure that the serviced office offer complete facilities – from internet to the equipment you need for your business. Do some visits to see what are the amenities they are offering. You mostly need a conference room to make your calls for client and a solid internet connection. You can also check out conference rooms in Abu Dhabi if your serviced office provider doesn’t have one or if it is fully booked.

  1. Round-the-clock availability

If you have clients on different time zones, then this feature should not be missed. Your serviced office should be able to accommodate you 24/7. Check the leasing agreement or asked the building administrator if they allow entry during ungodly hours. You can also make arrangements with your landlord if it is possible.

  1. Right cost

One of the main considerations you need to check is the cost. Although serviced officer cost lower than the usual office space for rent, the prize can range of the size of the space that you are going to rent. Determine your space need and your budget and compare them to the space and prizes offered by the space owners.

  1. Inclusions and scope of agreement

Lastly, want are the items/features included on your agreement. Are you allowed to use all the office equipment? Are there any limitations that you need to check and remember? What are the rules and regulations? You need to know these things so you would know what adjustments you need to make once you moved in.