How to transition from a temp to permanent job in Abu Dhabi

One of the biggest economic hubs in the world is the modern day oasis of Abu Dhabi. The growing metropolis has quickly gained the reputation of being at the forefront of economic deals and many multinational corporations have taken interest in the state as well. These multinational corporations staff their offices two ways, one is that they send in staff from foreign offices and give them great incentives to move to Abu Dhabi and live there, and the second way is that they hire people from the area. However, more and more people who have been hired from the area as temps are fast becoming permanent employees. Here are some tips that you can follow to make sure that you too, get a permanent position in the office that you are working as a temp in.

Contact the Right People

The most important thing that you should do is contact the Abu Dhabi recruitment agency that got you the temp contract in the first place, and then mention that you are looking for a permanent position as well. This will make sure that you are on their watchlist if any opening for a permanent job is available. Many people stay as temps throughout their career only because they did not inform the HR organization that they were looking for a temp job “leading” to a permanent position.

Get the Right Cv Written

The second most important thing is to create a CV that highlights those traits that are required for the permanent job, rather than those that lead to temporary positions. For example, if you provided your resume to any organization from the Emirati recruitment services and the resume stated that you like to move around, working for one company and then the other and that you are quite comfortable with short-term contracts, then it will highlight a trait that leads to a temp position. However if you change this to say that you like working in a stable work environment and you excel at working as part of a team that has spent some time together working on certain projects, then this will highlight the trait that you excel at working in jobs where there is inherent stability in this may lead to a permanent position.

Give your Best on the first Job

Last, but not east, you should make sure that you are capable of working the job that you have been assigned in the first place and you should give it your best. If a temp is not performing and he is not providing quality work, then there is no chance that the company will hire him for a permanent position, no matter how good his CV may appear to be.