5 Tips on Choosing the Right SAP Partner

Here is the situation: You are a business owner managing a business. You have a few people helping you out on implementing the entire system and processes. Although the business is doing great, you can see that there are still a lot of aspects that needs improvement. You can see that you can still increase the efficiency of your team. With that, you decided to get an ERP software to solve this dilemma.

Here is the rub: There are hundreds on SAP companies in Dubai that offer the same services and products. You cannot wrap your mind around the fact that you have to choose from a number of suppliers.

Don’t fret. Simply follow these tips and you can narrow your list of sap companies in UAE providers.

  1. Experience and credentials

One of the obvious factors that you need to check is the credibility of the company. This is cliché but you need to go through their credentials to know what they can offer to your company in terms of ERP implementation. Check out their previous clients and what other business owners say about their work.  It would not hurt to ask the providers some questions in line with what they do. This will give you a better idea on what they can bring to the table especially for your business

  1. Methodology

SAP companies have different ways or methods on how they are going to set up or implementation of ERP. Inquire on the requirements they need to get this done, both on the client-side and the vendor-side, and who are the key personnel that will be involved in the implementation.

  1. Business fit

Look for a SAP partner is not all about the implementation process. In reality, it is much deeper than that. A SAP partner should not only able to provide the system but also understand what your company really needs and be transparent about it. Business owners may have a different perspective about what an ERP should do to their business, but SAP partners should be able to tell the client how it should be used. In short, they should care for your business as well.

  1. Realistic Costing

Customization of the system is definitely an exciting concept. But beware on this as it can be costly than the original estimate. If your SAP provider is offering to customize everything, ask them if this is necessary. You can also ask them the total cost of ownership of the system so you can have a ballpark estimate. This would include licenses, equipment, hardware and software and support and maintenance of the system.

  1. Availability

Getting used to the system will depend on the learning curve of the personnel involved so a constant support from the vendor is needed until the team is able to manage and master the system. Be sure that your vendor has a solid customer care reputation to answer all your inquiries.