Common Answers to the Question: Why Do People Buy Apartments?

Wondering why people buy apartments when they could easily find units for rent? Here are the common answers we received from people who availed apartments for sale in Dubai.


They want freedom they won’t get from renting.

Many of apartment investors became tenants for quite some time. They know how it feels to live within the rules of a landlord. They probably wanted freedom more than anything else – freedom to design their own place, freedom to do whatever they want inside their home, freedom to entertain numerous guests, and the list goes on.


An apartment makes a good business.

Business-minded people invest on apartments mainly because they will use the apartments to generate more income. Investing on the real estate industry is always a good idea because it’s easy to find customers. The strategy is to buy an apartment near the prime business hubs, schools and huge offices. This way, you’ll never run out of tenants.


An apartment is usually more affordable than a house and lot.

For people who have average income, buying an apartment is more practical than buying a house and lot. It’s also a more affordable option for singles and newly married couples. You can stay in your own apartment while saving up for a house and lot. Then you can look for tenants when you’re ready to transfer to your own house and lot.


Basically, it’s a good investment.

We all know that the value of properties appreciates every year. Thus, it’s safe to say that an apartment is a good investment since you can sell it for a higher price in the coming years. Just make sure to keep the apartment in good shape to easily find a buyer.


It fulfills sense of ownership

Having your own property is considered a milestone in life. Regardless of the size and amount of the unit, it signifies that you have invested your money well. It’s is something to be proud of.


They just want a new property in that community.

Apart from business purposes, some tycoons, businessmen or upperclassmen buy apartments just because they want to have a property in a certain place. To give an example, we know a foreigner who has invested on a studio for sale in Business Bay. His reason of buying is he wants to have a place to stay whenever he has a business engagement in Dubai.

So, what do you think? Will you also buy an apartment? Let us know.