The Role of Physiotherapy in Recovery

When you encounter an accident, your body needs time to heal. During this time, muscles need to be repaired, and some joints may feel painful when moved. You may have movement difficulties, and it may be difficult to go back to your old routine while you’re trying to recover. The body should have all the time it needs to recover, but you can help it a bit through physiotherapy.


A Dubai physiotherapy clinic works on conditions such as the following:


Sports Injury

You may have pulled a muscle or experienced something worse that left you unable to go back to your chosen sport for a couple of months. Even as your body slowly recovers on its own, it can benefit from a bit of physiotherapy. Each session helps your body adjust and get comfortable with movement, and helps them get back into the right shape. Physiotherapy is also important if your sports injury left you unable to walk. You’re stretching the leg muscles until you are sure they can support your weight on their own.


Back and Neck Pain

Whiplash may result from a car accident, and the pain may not manifest on the day of the accident. At first the pain may not be too severe, but as days pass, you may find it increasingly difficult to move your neck or stand up. Though many choose to wait the pain out until it gradually fades away, you can turn to physiotherapy to relieve the pain and hopefully ease the body into the healing process. Companies like also offer treatment for musculoskeletal conditions, which may go with your whiplash.


Pre- and Post-Surgery

Before surgery, the body needs preparation, to condition it for the operation, especially if it’s a long one. There is no knowing what the body will feel after a surgery. Surgeries involving the organs may leave you with limited movement for a couple of weeks. If you’ve had a major part of the body operated on, physiotherapy helps you get back in shape by conditioning the body to be ready for more stress and movement.

There are several other conditions that may require the help of physiotherapy. It’s a science that complements medicinal therapy. It can even help correct your posture. All the benefits of physiotherapy make it a suitable part of your recovery process. Do talk to your doctor, especially if you have undergone an operation, before you schedule for a physiotherapy session.