Invisalign: The Best Option for Your Crooked/Misaligned Teeth

Tired of not smiling on pictures because of your crooked or misaligned teeth? Maybe it is time for you to consider invisalign, the world’s most trusted clear aligner system with 2 decades of clinical research and 4 million products sold.


We all know that crooked or misaligned teeth make brushing difficult, and teeth that are not properly cleaned through brushing can eventually have serious periodontal diseases such as gum/bone damage and even tooth loss. To avoid these, it is advisable for you to align your teeth by wearing braces. But there are too many braces to choose from in the market today. If you choose traditional braces, it is more likely to be less attractive and uncomfortable/painful to wear. In addition, you must also make personal sacrifices like not eating your favourite food for a period of time. But don’t worry because invisalign is now available and it is a great alternative to traditional braces. Below are some of the reasons why you should wish to have an invisalign today:


Look Good with Invisalign

There is no doubt that the clear braces of invisalign look better compared to the metal braces used in traditional braces. Aside from making your mouth look unattractive because of its awkward chunks of unsightly metal, traditional braces can get food in them without you noticing it. Tiny pieces of food stuck in your metal braces make your mouth look more unattractive.


Invisalign is Detachable

You can remove the clear braces of invisalign whenever necessary. Unlike traditional braces which should be professionally removed only by dentists, you can remove your invisalign anytime even without the presence of your dentist. You may remove it for a short period of time if you wish to eat or drink more comfortably.


Invisalign Reduces Damage to Your Teeth and Gums

Because they contain wires and protruding bits of metal, there is a possibility that traditional braces can puncture or scratch your teeth and gums. On the contrary, you may expect invisalign to be smooth and comfortable. The SmartTrack material used in invisalign reduces the damages—such as gum disease and cavities—caused by wearing traditional braces.

Let us help you look better and feel better with invisalign. Say farewell to your crooked/misaligned teeth and have that perfect smile you have always wanted. Make that decision to improve your smile by searching from our wide selection of invisible braces in Dubai today! Click here to visit