Top 3 ways to teach

Teaching is art. It does not demand knowledge of techniques which can help on integrating information into the minds of students, but teachers are also required to be a psychologist, friend, counsellor and smart. They have the biggest responsibility. They have to groom kids of the present moment for tomorrow. Therefore, they are also required to be updated all the time otherwise, teaching would become impossible. 


Thus, todays there is need to change ways of teaching. Some of them ways in which the teachers can teach are:

Bring life in classroom: Instead of limiting the classes with lectures and notes, bring life to the class. The life, the activeness can be brought into the rooms when it will be connected with the world. Teachers can make that connection by letting students and developing minds to be the orator and speaker of the class. They should be given space to give their opinions and views on every topic which is being studied. Their questions should be answered. If it is related to environment and current situation, then their views should be valued. If there is mistake, then it should be corrected. Moreover, teachers should slot them a time to tell about their interests and express themselves. 

Furthermore, a classroom can be turned into living platform by discussing such issues and subjects which are needed to be discussed. Teachers should discuss environmental sciences and computer sciences with them as well. Other than this, current affairs can be discussed in the class. Social issues can the topic of discussion, as well.  Such topics and students participation will make the class keep moving. It keep everyone fresh and enthusiastic to take the class, but most importantly it will it informative. And information turns everything into living thing. 

Dive into yourself: Teachers should not limit the teaching and classes to what is going on in the world or in the surroundings. They should discuss what’s going on in a human’s mind that plays important role in shaping his or her personality. They should have discussions on how to rewire the human brain, how to change thoughts. The students should be taught about neuroplasticity. They should be given counselling, and education on mental health.

“Why”-an important word: Instead of limiting the voices of children, instead of discouraging them to ask question, let every child to know everything which they want to, because each of them have right to know answer of so many why’s of their life and surrounding. This rationality of their brains will make them the true leader, the true controllers of the pace of the world. The enthusiasts of “why” can only be generated and encouraged by teachers, because they are the ones who deal with them.

So, these are the top 3 ways to teach children of today who are the leaders of tomorrow of this same world. For incorporating them, you don’t need to contact stationery suppliers in Dubai or lab equipment suppliers Dubai. You just need to talk to them!