Precautionary measures of using a fire hose

You must have seen hose reels in a few commercial places where it is enclosed in a glass vent and can be used at the time of emergency. Well, there is a very good reason why there are only a few them and the reason is that they are not the safest fire fighting equipment when it comes to an amateur. For someone who has never learnt a thing about fire fighting equipments and drills should not be using hoses but they are the only choice when one is caught in a fire.

A fire hose is equipment which delivers water in a high speed to put out the fire. They are widely used by fire fighters and that should remain the same way. No amateur who isn’t well equipped to it and doesn’t understand how to use them should never even try to touch the fire hose because that can sometimes worsen the situation.

fire safety equipment suppliers in uae deal with fire fighters because fire fighters are well experienced and taught to deal with different situations. A fire hose only throws water and sometimes water isn’t the best option in Class B fire such as fire on bare wires. Water hose can provide a channel for electricity to travel and it can spread out through the area electro shocking every one.

You must wonder then why do we install water sprinklers and water mists when it has a potential to conduct electricity around. Well, the answer is pretty simple; in order to conduct electricity through water, there is a need of a proper water channel which can let electricity flow away easily. When we use water sprinkler it sends water in a very minimum amount which would put off the fire yet not spill the water everywhere.

Fire hose is a good option when it comes to combustible material. This allows taking care of fire which has a tendency to light up due to paper, wood, fabric and timber etc around. This kind of fire doesn’t fuel up with water like grease and electricity would. In such cases, fire hose is probably the perfect and the most effective way to treat fire without causing more harm to the surroundings.

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