Misconceptions about modern technologies

Technology is becoming more common. We live in the age of online storage and virtual space. Now, companies look to purchase online solutions like cloud storage to store precious data. Thought it may sound a little troublesome, these cloud solutions come equipped with security and encryption tools. Several IT companies in Abu Dhabi are offering interesting solutions. All of these are designed keeping customer requirements in mind. With so many options available under different categories, it is not possible to customers to avoid looking at these. For this reason, UAE is considered by many as one of the countries where residents show a lot of interest in buying state of the art systems as they become available. With that said, rumors are often spread on purpose about such systems. Common rumors include spreading false information either on purpose of by mistake. In both case, they create suspicion in the mind of customers. This results in reduced sales and if not kept in view, it might become a huge problem for tech companies. Here are some misconceptions that you as a customer should be able to avoid:


One of the common misconceptions about IT solutions is that they are often vulnerable. There are those who believe that spoofing and phishing can lead to some vulnerabilities which is not the case. Spoofing is commonly done but if you had one, know that it is doesn’t always work. Still, each time you fear that a spoofing attempt was made on your system, you should run antivirus and diagnostics if necessary.

Cyberattacks are fatal

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly common these days but despite the propaganda, they are not fatal to the computers and servers. Companies are now investing in cutting edge security solutions to avoid these attacks. Naysayers use these to advocate their case that IT solutions are vulnerable against most types of attacks. This is not at all the case as security solutions successfully block attempts made by attackers. Rarely do attackers manage to get hold of small quantity of precious data. Your current security solutions are more than enough but you should still look for newer ones.


That’s just a misconception and nothing else. There is no such thing as irrecoverable damage. Even the worst possible, undetected attack will not render your systems useless. Likewise, they may also not get hold of enough data if you have firewall in place. The partial attack can always be stopped in its tracks.

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