Things that you must know about HVAC systems

What is HVAC? HVAC is full form of heating/cooling Ventilation Air conditioner. Basically it is a whole system of air conditioner that works for central heating or cooling of a space or room by keeping the air fresh. An HVAC system serves a simple purpose that is too keep your home cool in summer & warm during winters. If you want to keep your heating, cooling, ventilation & air conditioning system to run properly and efficiently then you must try to maintain it as much as you can. For regular maintenance you can also contact any professional company that offers services for HVAC and AC repair in Dubai, they will help in cleaning and tuning of the system properly.

As it is a large investment of both time and money, you do not want it to face any technical problem and burn your place in summers or cooling it like ice in winters. That’s why to make sure that it runs well for many years, regular maintenance checkups are necessary.

Reason why you must get regular maintenance:

1- HVAC part which is installed outside condensing unit will accumulate rubbish e.g. falling leaves, grass clippings, dirt particles and the inside part will also get debris or dust, which makes it necessary for you to clean it on regular basis. If it is not cleaned then you can face a drastic change in the working of machine. It is proven that without regular maintenance the efficiency of system reduces by 25 %.

2- If an HVAC system is not working with full efficiency then it will have to take extra electricity to keep up the demand.  This will cost you huge amount of electricity bill. A regular maintenance will save you from this over load of money. It will not only save money but it will also make sure that you have a well running HVAC for long time.

3- During a maintenance check the technician will tight every loosen nut or test each connection. Also he will see if motor is functioning properly and consuming normal voltage of electricity. He will make sure that there are no gas leaks or outbreaks to avoid any unfortunate incident. It will assure the safety of individuals living at the place.

4- The most convenient way is to sign up with any HVAC repair service for their annual maintenance deal. You will not have to worry each time to find a new service; they will come on appointed time themselves.


You should also consider looking for a home painting company if you want to maintain your home walls in best condition.