terracotta tiles in Dubai, ceramic Dubai

A tile is a square object made up of several different materials such as concrete, ceramic, stone and even glass. Tiles are used to cover the floors and walls of the house to make them look more attractive and appealing.

Tiles have been around in the building industry for a long time and have been updated continuously. The tiles are made up of such materials to make them durable as well as stylish. There are two types of tiles that are used in buildings; glazed tiles are used on the inside of the house such as walls and ceilings while unglazed tiles are used on the outside of the house such as the rooftop.

Terracotta means “baked earth” and terracotta tile is a clay based glazed or unglazed tile. The terracotta tile has a long history and its use can be seen in many ancient artifacts. Many ancient buildings contain intricate roofing styles made up of terracotta tiles. The ceramic Dubai made terracotta tiles are made of special red and brown clays to give them their signature color. Unglazed terracotta tiles are porous in nature which means liquids can seep through them creating stains or dips in the texture of the tiles. Glazed terracotta tiles have come as a replacement because glazing sets a water resistant layer on the surface of the tile, making it water-resistant. Many people purchase the glazed terracotta tiles just for their brown and earthen hues.

Tiles are a long term investment so they’re expected to last long periods of time. That is why tiles are water proof and scratch resistant to some extent. They are usually treated with a sealant periodically which seals the pores so that water cannot seep through. The terracotta tiles are said to have an old world charm. Thy naturally have a rugged, rustic and rough appearance that attracts the buyer. This material is one of the best choices for designing living rooms and flooring of enclosed spaces such as a terrace.

There are a number of suppliers that specialize in terracotta tiles in Dubai. The outlets can be found in your locality or looked up online to save the time of going out and selecting the tiles. The only potential drawback is that terracotta tiles can only be used in warm to moderate temperatures because in colder temperatures, the water can seep inside the tiles and freeze, resulting in a crack.