All you need to know about cars

In the 21st century, everyone has cars. Everyone needs cars, especially in the countries where the public transport is not very efficient. Moreover, having your own car can put you at ease, not having to walk, and if it’s too cold or too hot outside, your car can keep the temperature bearable. But not everyone is a car enthusiast and not everyone knows how to keep their cars properly maintained, or whether the second-hand car they’re buying is a good buy or not. This article is aimed at those who don’t have such knowledge, but want a rough idea of how to go about things.

Important information

First, I’ll deal with what to be sure about before buying a car or renting one out. Before you go to any showroom and get smooth talked by their salesmen, do your research. Figure out how you’ll be using the car mainly and write it down. After that you can have a rough idea of the car you want, whether it’s a four-wheel drive SUV which is good for long journeys and off-road driving, or whether it’s a small hatchback meant for city driving. Once you have these basics figured out before buying or getting a Dubai rent a car, think about the features that you want. Look for car reviews, every car is built to a specific need, you need to find one that suits your needs best. It’s fairly easy to conduct one search on the internet to find the cars in your budget. Next you narrow down your list to 3 or 4 models which suit your needs best and are the smartest buy, then go out, test drive them and buy the one that feels best to you.

When you talk about second hand cars, you need to be very careful. Before you buy a used car, research on the average price of that particular model. If a car is too expensive, try to figure out why, if it’s lower than the average, figure out why. Usually it’s based on the mileage, and if you find a car with low mileage as well a low price, three out of four times that cars will be poorly maintained and will cause problems. Figure out why he’s selling it, if it’s because the seller simply wants an upgrade, it’s a good buy. Once again, test-drive it. You feel anything is peculiar, ask about it, if he stumbles or doesn’t have a definite answer, you can presume it’s something wrong.

Now that you have a car, you need to maintain it if you want to give it out for rent a car in Dubai monthly. In the first thousand kilometers or so, try not to do too much heavy work with it. Don’t accelerate or brake too hard. Don’t put too much load on it by towing a caravan or something. Don’t rev the engine too much (Try to keep it below 3,000rpm). These are the few basics that will keep your car from being ‘abused’ and keep it healthy. But apart from driving it properly, you also need to maintain it properly. Check the tires regularly, check the oil regularly, every time you change it note down the mileage, normally the duration after which you change it is regular, so if you note it down you’ll know exactly when to change the oil, water and the tires. If you follow all these steps, you will have a healthy car that won’t break down when you’re a 100 miles from your home.