Halloween party costumes ideas

When it’s a theme party or Halloween party then the first thing which rolls over parents head is, what will their kids wear? Previously there were not so many choices. Now you have the option of choosing from dozens of costumes. Well, it is good that you can choose from various costumes but there is a thing, now variety has given a way to confusion. When you have so many options to choose from, you always get confused regarding which one to choose.

Now you can find many kids costumes in UAE even there are many online stores for you. Nowadays nobody have plenty of time to make the customized costumes. Moreover there is a thing, not everyone is capable of making a creative costume and to be honest nobody have time to do it. The best thing is to buy a readymade costume rather than creating it yourself just for the sake of saving few bucks.

Limitless options for you!

That’s true, you have limitless options now. It is up to you, which one you want to go with. Well, if you are still confused regarding which costume to choose, you don’t need to worry! We are here to clear your this confusion. Here you will find the best idea for your kid’s costumes.

Costume of Dr.Evil and Mini Me

Well, this costume is really priceless. It is a costume which features a dad who has little hair issue dressed in a gray suit with a little tidbit. This idea of a costume is quite economical and yes this can give a good laugh to all the people present in that party.

Marshmallow costume

Well this costume is a perfect choice for you if you have a really cute and healthy baby who has chubby cheeks. You can buy a colorful costume, preferably light pink or light yellow. It is best to find the mixture of yellow and light pink color. The idea is to give a marshmallow look to the kids. Make sure that the costume is colorful else the idea of marshmallow will get killed.

Then you can take foam dices and color it in pink, yellow and light blue. Then paste those foam dices all over the dress. Then do a cute make up, do apply pink color on your kids cheeks. This will give them an adorable look of marshmallow.

If still you are confused and want to see some of the beautiful costumes available online then visit www.boxandbuy.com.