Things To Know About Primary Schools In Sharjah

The moment you see your child reaching school going age, you start exploring schools. The best way is to search them both online as well as offline. The more you search, the more you increase your chances of sending your kid to the right primary school in Sharjah. It will be heartening for residents of Sharjah to know that this state is home to some of the best primary schools in the whole region. For parents, this means that they’ll not have to send their kids to schools in Dubai, the state located in the neighborhood. If that wasn’t the case, we might’ve seen parents willing to send their children to Dubai despite they themselves live in Sharjah. Here is more on why admitting your child to a primary school in Sharjah is a great idea:

Why Sharjah Schools?

When it comes to quality education, Sharjah enjoys a unique spot among all UAE states. The small state is peaceful but yet enjoys a comfortable spot having quality education institutions in the region.

There are several benefits of admitting your kid to a primary school in Sharjah. Your child will get quality education backed by extracurricular activities to nourish his sports activities. The more heartening news is that none of these schools will cost you an arm and leg in fees. Most parents can afford the fees as the offered structure is flexible and suitable to many parents. Also, the curriculum offered to students is not only versatile, but it has room to accommodate improvements if and when felt necessary.

The Curriculum

The PYP curriculum, commonly known as the primary year’s program is designed in a way that it could last from KG-1 to the 3rd grade. As such, this type of curriculum is unique in a way that is has sufficient room to accommodate changes. Moreover, the curriculum is very easy to understand for students to understand. Still, it fulfills all the requirements of a quality education curriculum of students of primary schools. Children find it very easy to learn and show willingness to study. Keep in mind that there have been instances where children were reluctant to attend the school as the curriculum was difficult. This is not the case with PYP curriculum. It fulfills all the qualities of a quality education program and still remains a viable tool for teachers to teach.

Keeping these in mind will help you send your child to a Sharjah based primary school without worrying.