Things to Consider Before Finalizing Your Leaflet Order

Ordering a batch of leaflets for your business is not just about choosing colors and paper size. It doesn’t end with providing the copy to be included in the leaflet, either. Your leaflet is a combination of several design aspects, all of which contribute to the overall look of the finished product. You want your leaflet to look good and be readable, so that people will not just throw them away without taking a look at the copy.


Here’s what you should consider before finalizing your leaflet order:


Folding Type


Leaflet printing involves choosing the type of fold for the paper you choose. There are several options, and you can get four to eight pages for each leaflet. You may select a single fold and get four pages, which you can fill with sufficient information or graphics. For designs that have smaller chunks of info, feel free to choose a zigzag fold, gate-fold, or three-fold. All of them give you eight pages in total. If you need six pages for a moderate amount of text and graphics, choose a z-fold or two-fold layout.




Paired with the folding type, the orientation of your leaflet defines how efficiently you can distribute the information you want included in it. Some designers prefer a landscape orientation because it allows for a wider spread, while others choose portrait especially for shorter sentences and bulleted lists. All in all, it depends on what you need to present in the leaflet and how they would look on paper. To decide between landscape and portrait orientation, ask your leaflet designer from to show you how the text would look in each style.




Paper thickness is important especially because of the kind of information you will print on the paper. If you’re adding in some graphics in rich colors, you will need a thicker paper that will not stretch when the photos are printed on the leaflet. When you’re choosing a leaflet with several folds, the thickness of the paper will also determine how easy it is to fold it.


Aside from these, you also need to think about the lamination and finishing for the leaflet. These are just the basics, though. For any special concerns and requirements, don’t hesitate to contact your leaflet supplier to see if they can accommodate your wishes. If you have a sample, feel free to show it to them, so they know what you’re looking for in your leaflet.